Can We Create Our Child Custody Agreement? How A Lawyer Can Help

When a couple divorces and has children, one of the most important things decided is child custody. Since this can impact a child’s life for many years, it is a decision not to be taken lightly. For many couples, creating their own custody agreement is proving to be a popular option. Since this allows them to come to terms on key areas without being ordered to do so by the court, they have greater flexibility in the decision-making process. However, to be sure your legal rights are still protected, rely on Las Vegas NV child custody attorneys at Pintar Albiston.

State Guidelines
Even if you decide to create your own child custody agreement, it will still need to follow state guidelines regarding child custody and support. Should you fail to take this into consideration and later on have issues that force you into court, you could find many details of your agreement being called into question by a judge. Rather than let this happen, hire the services of skilled Las Vegas NV child custody attorneys at Pintar Albiston to ensure you get expert legal guidance each step of the way.

Protecting Your Rights
Even if you are on good terms with your ex-spouse and feel as if you can trust them, never assume they will put your best interests first when it comes to creating your child custody agreement. Since they will have legal counsel working with them on this matter, they may still try to manipulate you into accepting terms with which you may not be comfortable. Instead of coming away with an agreement that does not benefit you, get expert legal advice from skilled Las Vegas NV child custody attorneys.

To ensure creating your own child custody agreement will work out as well as you hope, schedule a consultation with Pintar Albiston to discuss this in greater detail.