Prenuptial Agreements in Nevada

A prenuptial agreement is a legally written document that is signed by both parties, prior to the marriage.  The content within a prenuptial agreement can vary greatly, but it usually protects previously owned property, and/or it can also outline the terms of a spousal support arrangement.  Other issues that could be addressed in a Nevada-based prenuptial agreement are the forfeiting of marital … [Read more...]

Legal Separation vs. Divorce in Nevada

Nevada divorce decree

Not every struggling marriage winds up in divorce. When a married couple wants to separate but feels as though the marriage can still be saved; or wants to remain married for religious, financial, or health reasons they can petition the court to be granted a legal separation, rather than a divorce. A legal separation is a court order stating that the current state of affairs of your marital … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Have Less Stress During your Divorce in Las Vegas

Ending a marriage can be a time that is full of anxiety. This can wreak havoc on your life, and it’s ideal to find effective ways to cope with this situation.  The key to getting through this stressful time is by choosing the divorce that will best meet your needs. Doing so will allow you to spend less time and court and hopefully, get a resolution faster rather than later. You will need to … [Read more...]

Most Common Family Law Practice Areas

As Las Vegas family law attorneys we work with people who are at important crossroads in their lives. Three of the most emotionally charged areas of service are: Ø  Divorce - When two people who once made vows to stay together become opponents in the legal system, “no fault” does not mean “simple” or “easy.” Your family law attorney will help you maneuver a system that can be complicated and … [Read more...]

The Difference Between A Coop And A Condo

Las Vegas Condo

There are distinct differences between condominiums, also known as condos and cooperatives, known as coops. These differences manifest themselves in 4 main areas: The way they are owned The way they are purchased The fees associated with an apartment or unit Limitations on their ownership What follows is an explanation of how coops and condos differ in each of the areas listed … [Read more...]

How Child Custody Cases Are Decided In Las Vegas

Child Custody In Las Vegas

Under Las Vegas family law, both parents should provide support for their children. In the past decade, changes have occurred that put pressure on both parents to work together to avoid custody issues at a time when the parties are potentially most divided. Under family law, there are two main issues: physical and legal child custody. Physical custody refers to where and with whom the child … [Read more...]

Divorce In The United States

Divorce in the USA

A divorce happens every 13 seconds in the United States. This startling statistic should be alarming to all Americans, but to two groups in particular.  Divorce rates are highest among those aged 20 to 24, and those living in Nevada. Nevada, it appears, has the highest number of divorces in the country, while Massachusetts has the lowest. Randy Olson, a popular data scientist, studied divorce … [Read more...]

Should Las Vegas Couples File for Divorce Together?

Broken family and child custody after a bitter divorce and separation represented by a pair of metal scissors cutting apart a family of red paper cut outs of a

The decision to file for divorce is difficult in itself for many spouses. Going through the actual process of dissolving a marriage is enough to take an emotional toll on even the most resolute among us. For couples in Nevada, the process will likely involve touchy subjects like property division and alimony. If the couple has children, child support and custody will also be determined as part … [Read more...]

Paternity Options Available to Unmarried Parents

When a married couple has a child, the husband is automatically assumed to be the child’s father. For unmarried couples with children, matters of paternity are not as simple. Even still, it is important that unmarried couples take the necessary steps to establish paternity of their child. When paternity is established sooner rather than later, it protects the rights of mother, father and, more … [Read more...]

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Child Support

Once a judge approves and signs a child support order, you are required to make payments until your children reach the age of majority. In most states, this is usually somewhere between the ages of 18 and 20. In Nevada, the age of majority is 18. Until then, it is your responsibility to meet your child support obligations each and every month. But, what happens if you lose your job, your … [Read more...]