How Do I Know When My Parent Needs a Guardian?


Many medical conditions can affect a person’s ability to make decisions on his own behalf.  Everything from drug addiction to brain damage from an accident to dementia can cause someone to be of unsound mind and unable to make informed decisions in his or her own interest. Unfortunately, many of the medical conditions that affect cognitive abilities become significantly more likely as people … [Read more...]

What is a Trademark?


Your business works hard to establish its brand and you want to ensure customers have an easy way to recognize it.  Once you have developed a brand identity and have a distinguishing mark or symbol your customers will recognize, you want to ensure you protect both the brand identity and the mark that denotes it.  A trademark provides you with the opportunity to register a mark or slogan as your … [Read more...]

What Damages Can You Obtain if a Tenant Damages a Rental Unit?


Tenants have an obligation to avoid causing damage to a property beyond normal wear.  When a tenant destroys a landlord’s property or causes problems with a rental home or rental unit, the landlord has to pay for repairs before the unit becomes rentable again.  A landlord should not have to pay for these repairs out of his own pockets or out of his own profit. Instead, the landlord should be able … [Read more...]

What Do I Need to Start a Las Vegas Business?


Many new startups make a big mistake: not getting legal advice. While you may not be able to hire a full-time attorney to work for your new startup, you should speak with an experienced Las Vegas business lawyer about the things that you need to get your organization started and protect its future.   When you start a Las Vegas business, there are many different steps you need to take in order … [Read more...]

How Long Will a Las Vegas Lawsuit Take?


When your company is sued or needs to file a lawsuit, it is natural to be concerned about how long it is going to take to solve your legal problems. The process of litigating a business lawsuit can take a long time, and your company may be uncertain about how the outcome will affect ongoing operations. You may also be concerned about the costs of protracted litigation, or the impact of a lengthy … [Read more...]

How Do You Decide Division of Holidays After Divorce


There are myriad issues with how parents should share visiting time after a marriage ends.  One of the biggest issues for many families is a decision on how holidays should be divided.   Parents should try to work out division of holidays after divorce together whenever possible. Involving the courts is likely to be the most costly way to resolve the question of how holidays should be shared. … [Read more...]

Free Report: What are the Major Types of Business Entities and How Do I Choose One That is Right for My Business

What are the Major Types of Business Entities and How Do I Choose One That is Right for My Business

A Las Vegas business law attorney will provide assistance in understanding the different kinds of business entities and will help your organization to determine how best to be structured. To learn more and to get started on selecting the appropriate business organizational structure, call today to schedule a consultation. Topics covered in this report include: What are the Major Types of … [Read more...]

How to Serve Divorce Papers to a Spouse Who is Out of State


When you file for divorce, your spouse has the right to be notified about the fact that you are trying to end your marriage. Your spouse has the right to receive your request to dissolve your union and to provide a response. Your spouse also has the right to argue for his or her preferred division of property, assets, debts, and custody. In order to make sure that your spouse gets the right to … [Read more...]