Are There Benefits of Filing for Divorce First?

In most divorce cases, one spouse initiates the ending of the marriage so that they are able to set the tone for the process. There are benefits for the spouse who is first to file for divorce. If you’re considering initiating the process before your spouse, Las Vegas divorce attorneys will guide you through the process. There are a number of factors to be aware of when being the first to file for divorce and speaking to Las Vegas divorce attorneys at the law firm of Pintar Albiston will help determine if this is the best for you.

Benefits Of Initiating A Divorce
There are a number of benefits for the spouse who initiates a divorce. These can include:

Setting the tone for the process. If your spouse tends to be confrontational, being the first to start with a Henderson divorce attorney can have a great impact. It shows that the proceedings will be handled in a civil manner with the help of a lawyer.

Stopping attempts to hide assets. When confronted with a divorce, the other spouse won’t be able to hide assets from the court or conceal any information pertinent to the case.

Securing legal representation. When you are first, it gives you a chance to secure sound legal representation with a Henderson divorce attorney of your choice. This also prevents your spouse from meeting with numerous lawyers in the area which would make it difficult for you to be able to find an attorney.

Divorce cases are complex and should only be approached once an attorney has been hired. A lawyer can communicate your expectations on your behalf as you go through this process.

If you’re in need of legal services for your divorce, contact the law firm of Pintar Albiston. Our professionals will help you get started when you schedule a consultation.